Hot Topic Application

About the Company: Hot topic is a retail clothing and accessory store which specializes in music and pop culture. They offer clothing and accessories with an edgier style. For example, they sell belly button rings and belts with studs. In 2006 Hot Topic was put on Fortune’s 500’s ‘Top Companies to Work For’ list. If your Hot Topic Application is accepted, you will enjoy the benefits of working for a company that does not require you to dress up for work.

Tips on a successful Hot Topic Application:

You should highlight any experience or skills you have concerning the music or pop culture industry. Even if you lack experience but have a strong passion for music, you should tell the employer that it has always been your dream to work in music. Even if you used to play an instrument when you were younger you should let them know. Hot Topic is a retail store which thrives off of what’s currently ‘hot’ in the music industry. Another way you could make yourself stand out an application is by offering as much flexibility as possible when it comes to work availability. Employers prefer to see flexibility because they love having the option of putting you on the schedule is sick or out. Some of the most important shifts to show you are available on includes the weekends.

What you can expect on a Hot Topic Application:

The application to work at this store is fairly simple. It asks you to provide your personal information, availability, and education/work history. You will also be asked to provide two different references with their phone number and relation to you. These references should be past employers or mentors who would have the knowledge of whether to determine you would be a honest and hard working preferences. Past employer references are preferred, but if you have never had a job you can put the reference of a teacher, sports coach, etc… Just make sure to let them know that they might be getting a call from Hot Topic.


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Why you’d want to submit a Hot Topic Application:

Working at Hot Topic is way different than the standard 9-5 boring office job. As an employee, you can wear (almost) anything to work. That means that you’ll never have to wear a stuff suit or fancy dress shirt. Full time associates are also offered a wide array of benefits which includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, a 401 k plan, and an employee stock purchase plan. You also get to listen to music all day long that’ll really help your work day go by.

Different positions to apply for on a Hot Topic Application:

-Sales associate: This is one of the most common jobs at Hot Topic. As a sales associate, you interact directly with customers and help them with any questions. You are also responsible for accurately checking out customers and providing efficient transactions in order to minimize waiting. Overall, this is a laid back position and would be great for someone who does not like a high stress environment.

-Loss prevention associates: If you are thinking about submitting a loss prevention associate Hot Topic Application, you should have strong interviewing and investigative skills. You will be responsible of preventing thieves from taking merchandise from the store. Your efforts will help the company remain a success.

Factors to consider before turning in your Hot Topic Application:

In order to work at Hot Topic you have to be at least 16 years old. Most employees also get paid around minimum wage, but it is a great starter job. The reason why employees get paid around minimum wage is because there are a lot of sales associates, and it is an entry level job. Therefore, it is the perfect position for someone who is in high school, just graduated from high school, or someone with a limited work and educational back ground. On your first day of work you will also be required to show the documentation that shows your eligibility to work in the United States.

What to expect after you submit your Hot Topic Application:

One of the most unique questions that you will probably only be asked at a Hot Topic interview is, ‘What is your favorite kind of music?’ They ask this question because they want to make sure you will fit in with the culture at the store. Hot Topic represents rock and everything pop culture.

The interview for the basic sales associate position is simple and fairly straight forward. You will be asked basic music and pop culture questions, along with what you would do if you saw someone stealing and what you can bring to the team. If you are personable and can show a semi-interest in alternate/rock/heavy music metal, you will probably get the job. There is little negotiation room when it comes to wages in this position because it is considered entry level. However, there is always room for you to improve and become a key holder or assistant manager.

After you submit your Hot Topic Application:

Because Hot Topic is a laid back atmosphere, you should skip the suit and tie on the day of your interview. It would be better to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with your favorite band on it instead. By dressing the part, your first impression will show that you will fit in with their culture and atmosphere.

Overall opinion on submitting a Hot Topic Application:

Hot Topic is a great place to work for someone who doesn’t want to dress up and feel all stuffy when they are at work. They get paid to hang out and talk to customers about music and clothing they would like to try on and buy. Although there is some work required for these jobs, working at Hot Topic is an overall stress less job that will give you a pay check every week. There are also full time jobs, like loss prevention which give workers full time work.


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